Walmart's same-day grocery delivery hits another snag

Deliv drivers reportedly had long waits while Walmart struggled to process orders.

Walmart's same-day grocery delivery service has hit a snag. The giant retailer had partnered with Google-backed logistics company Deliv to get orders to customers' front doors, but the two companies are parting ways after Deliv served Walmart with a termination notice, according to Reuters.

Deliv was one of Walmart's earliest partners for same-day delivery, operating pilot programs in Miami and San Jose. The courier backed out of the deal once it became clear that Walmart hadn't quite figured out the logistics of fulfilling orders. Reuters reported that Deliv drivers often had to wait 40 minutes or longer to receive a customer's order. Walmart prioritized in-store customers over delivery requests and struggled to process the orders fast enough.

Walmart hasn't had much luck getting its grocery delivery service up and running. The retailer has run pilot programs with a variety of third-party courier companies, including Postmates and DoorDash. Walmart ended a delivery agreement with Uber last year, and another pilot with Lyft was also nixed. The company has also experimented with having its own employees perform deliveries, though the early tests of that service were underwhelming.