IKEA will officially reveal its first Sonos-powered speakers next month

Unlike the connected blinds, the speaker appears to be on target.

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IKEA will reveal the first of its Sonos connected smart speakers at an exhibit in Milan next month. This isn't the first we've seen or heard of the speaker, and we knew IKEA had plans to start selling it in the US and Europe this August. An unveiling next month seems to follow the original timeline, which is good considering IKEA just delayed the launch of its smart blinds.

The "bookshelf speaker" is the first in IKEA and Sonos' SYMFONISK range, and a video released by the company suggests we might also see a wall-mounted version in the future. Speakers in the SYMFONISK line will be compatible with Sonos' existing wireless speakers and with IKEA's Home Smart lights and switches, as well as its connected blinds. The latter was delayed to allow for firmware updates that will make the blinds compatible with Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant, so you might guess that the speakers will also work with those voice assistants. The blinds will sell for $113 and $136, but there's no word yet on how much the speakers will cost.

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