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The Morning After: A simpler Gmail

And the Galaxy Fold's weird week.

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Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

Welcome to your weekend! While the weird situation around Samsung's Galaxy Fold dominated things this week, there were other notable stories. Check out a few of them below, along with news from Friday including a Gmail extension you might like and an Avengers: Endgame Easter Egg in Google search.

Snap.There's a Thanos-themed Easter egg hiding in Google Search

Open the Google homepage and search for "Thanos." Then, click the Infinity Gauntlet that appears in the supervillain's Knowledge Graph card.

Wait for it.Galaxy Fold review: A lot of money for a prototype

After spending a week with the Galaxy Fold, Christopher Velazco found a lot to love about its groundbreaking design. The only problem is it comes with so many compromises that he concluded "almost no one should consider buying one." We couldn't score the $1,980 device without testing a US production unit first (ours was a European model), but as we found out a few hours later -- that might not happen for a while.

Nothing to see here.iFixit pulls its Galaxy Fold teardown at Samsung's request

Remember iFixit's teardown of a pre-release Samsung Galaxy Fold? Great, now forget it. Samsung requested -- via the "trusted partner" that provided the donor device -- that iFixit pull its teardown, and the site complied voluntarily. Of course, the Internet Archive is still there if you really want to see the Fold's hinge undressed, or you could wait for a new release date so iFixit can grab a retail model and find out what, if anything, is different.

Explains why it's skipping E3 this year.Sony says its new PlayStation is more than a year away

Sony's Interactive Entertainment (SIE) arm has commented on the PlayStation's future, in that there's no chance of seeing the successor to the PlayStation 4 in stores any time between now and April 2020.

An alternative vision.Former Gmail designer builds Chrome extension to declutter your inbox

Michael Leggett has launched Simplify, a free Chrome extension meant to streamline your inbox. Simplify moves all of Gmail's sidebar icons to discrete drop-down and pull-up menus. It relocates the search feature to a less prominent location and moves core functions, like delete, to the top bar. It also eliminates color-coded labels and places the create new mail button in the bottom right corner, where the new mail window opens.

Pick your next upgrade.These gaming laptops pack Intel's 9th-generation CPUs and new NVIDIA hardware

It's the most wonderful time of the year -- if you like nanometers, clock speeds and laptop refreshes. Intel's 9th-generation chips have arrived, while NVIDIA has unveiled its GTX 16-series mobile GPUs to bring more performance punch to your next laptop. We've summarized all the new models, but it's worth paying attention to some more interesting options like Razer's upgraded Blade series.

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