The parents of Engadget on the big (and often gimmicky) world of baby tech

What to buy, and what you can do without.

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Brett Putman/Engadget
Brett Putman/Engadget

Here at Engadget, we don't do Mother's Day gift guides. Nor Father's Day either. But as the site has grown up over the past 15 years, so has our staff. Whereas we used to just have one or two token parents on the team, we now have around half a dozen, each of whom has some strong opinions about where tech does (and doesn't) belong in child-rearing. In our not-Mother's Day guide launching today, our resident moms and dads sift through the sometimes-gimmicky world of parenting tech — a growing class of products that promise to make kids safer, healthier and in some cases smarter.

Throughout, the parents of Engadget weigh in on what to buy, and what to skip, and along the way make recommendations on things like kids' streaming services, STEM kits, techie sleep aids, tools for managing screen time and tips on how to raise a good internet citizen. And for those of you who don't have kids of your own but still know a few, we'll tell you how to buy tech toys for someone else's children without making enemies of their parents (nothing like a loud gadget to ruin a friendship!). Find our series here — and yes, you should probably call your mom this weekend.

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