Apple explains the future of iTunes on macOS Catalina

The upcoming platform will change the way you access your media files.

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At WWDC, Apple announced that its upcoming macOS will put an end to the iTunes you're familiar with and will divvy up its features between three new apps: Music, TV and podcasts. Now, the tech giant has explained how that will work exactly. The new Apple Music app will serve as home to all the music you've imported or purchased, to all the music and smart playlists you've created in iTunes, as well as to the iTunes Store itself.

You'll still be able to purchase music from the store on Mac, iOS, PC and Apple TV. Plus, you can still use your iTunes gift cards or credits with the new apps. Meanwhile, the new TV app will contain all the movies and TV shows you've purchased or rented from iTunes -- in the future, you can purchase or rent from within the app itself.

All your podcasts will live in the new Podcast app, of course, while your audiobooks will make their way to the updated Apple Books app. You'll also be able to purchase audiobooks from within the Books application. Finally, the abilities to back up, restore and sync iPhones, iPads and iPods, will move to Finder. Apple says that will make it easier to drag and drop files to your devices and that your previous back ups through iTunes won't be affected after you update to Catalina.

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