The best streaming services for kids (that aren't YouTube)

Our favorite kids' programming.

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Brett Putman / Engadget
Brett Putman / Engadget

Among the various choices, Cartoon Network is solid option for kid-friendly streaming. While you may need a cable subscription for complete access, there are some full episodes of nostalgia-inducing classics like Powerpuff Girls available as well as new hits like Teen Titans Go!, The Amazing World of Gumball and Steven Universe without a subscription-TV account. Plus, in addition to the Cartoon Network app, there's a truckload of other show- and character-specific apps too, which range from educational games to puzzlers, sticker packs, arcade and more. There are literally dozens of options on top of the main streaming app, so hopefully your older children won't get bored for a while.

The best alternatives to YouTube kids

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