7-Eleven can deliver your Slurpees to parks and beaches

You don't have to stay at home or the office.

7-Eleven has a way for its 7Now deliveries to stand out from the herd: let you order in all kinds of public spaces. An update to its 7Now app for iOS lets you ask for delivery to "pins," or commonly accessible locations like parks, beaches, concert venues and other spaces where an address isn't an option. This doesn't mean you can order from absolutely anywhere, but it's far more convenient if you're feeling like some Slurpees on a hot summer's day.

The service covers a range of drinks (including alcohol in some regions), food, cosmetics and "home goods." As with usual 7Now deliveries, there's no minimum order or time-of-day limitations. If you're delivering to a pin, you can expect an order in 30 minutes or less "on most occasions."

The 7Now service currently covers 27 urban areas, including Austin, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City and San Francisco. While this won't guarantee delivery to your favorite hangout spot, it does include major locations like Central Park, Fenway Park and Venice Beach. And it still beats the address-based deliveries for many alternatives -- you probably won't have to travel nearly as far to get your grub on demand.