After Math: How long is that in moon years?

It's like dog years but counting revolutions around the Earth as well as around the Sun.

It's been half an Earth century since humanity first made landfall on its nearest celestial neighbor, and there's plenty of reason to celebrate, but that doesn't mean the news of the world has frozen in place like the flag Apollo 11's crew left behind. A new laser telescope array is hunting for signs of extraterrestrial intelligences, Toyota's spending the next ten years building a Moon rover and this past June got more than a little toasty.


Breakthrough searches for signs of alien life in ultra-fast light pulses

Yuri Milner's Breakthrough Listen project has teamed with the researchers at VERITAS Very Energetic Radiation Imaging Telescope Array System in hopes of finding signs of intelligent life, and then communicating with it, via high tech Morse code. Specifically, the VERITAS's 4-telescope array will beam nanosecond long bursts of laser energy into the cosmos, hopefully attracting the attention of a benevolent alien species.


Toyota will spend 10 years perfecting its astronaut moon rover

There's water in them thar Moon hills, JAXA is sure of it. That's why the Japanese space agency has teamed with Toyota to develop a crewed lunar rover capable of scouring the surface for frozen water vapor. JAXA hopes to have the rover delivered to the Moon in 2030 along with a 2-person crew to command it.


Uber error charges riders 100 times more than the original price

A glitch in Uber's rate charging algorithm had rider's tempers flaring hotter than the surface of the sun. You would be too if the ridesharing app accidentally moved a decimal point and charged you more than two grand for a $20 cab ride.


Netflix might pay Eddie Murphy $70 million for stand-up specials

Speaking of astronomical sums of money, Eddie Murphy will be able to complete his Scrooge McDuck money vault with the amount of cash that Netflix is considering giving him for a few hours worth of stand up material.


Last month was the hottest June on record and no one is surprised

There's no word yet on when/if Eddie's comedy specials will be coming out but let's hope it's soon because it doesn't look like we have a whole bunch of pre-climate-apocalypse time left.