Lego's treehouse set uses plant-based bricks for the greenery

It started using plastic made with ethanol from sugarcane last year.

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Kris Holt
July 23, 2019 1:33 PM
Lego Group
Lego Group

Last year, Lego revealed a new type of brick made using a type of polyethylene created with ethanol from sustainably sourced sugarcane. Though it said only a small percentage of total bricks would be made in such a way, it was a major step towards Lego's broader sustainability ambitions. Several sets have included such pieces, though Lego has unveiled perhaps its most ambitious one yet: a Treehouse kit that includes 185 of those pieces.

All of the tree, leaf and bush elements in Lego sets are now made with the plant-based polyethylene, and there are more here than in any kit to date. Just six percent of the bricks in this set are made that way though: there are 3,036 parts overall. That said, Lego plans to make all its bricks sustainably by 2030.

The design emerged through the Lego Ideas program, through which enthusiasts can submit their own builds. Kevin Feeser of Nancy, France created the initial design and more than 10,000 Lego community members pledged their support, propelling it towards becoming a certified Lego retail kit.

One of the neatest aspects of the impressive, 14-inch Treehouse set is that there are two versions of the treetop canopy: green leaves for summer, and yellow and brown for the fall. The set goes on sale for Lego VIPs Wednesday for $199.99/£179.99/€199.99. Everyone else can buy it starting August 1st.

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Lego's treehouse set uses plant-based bricks for the greenery