Amazon's 'Jack Ryan' season 2 teaser includes explosions and intrigue

You can also expect plenty of stunts.

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The deluge of Amazon Prime Video news also includes a treat for Tom Clancy enthusiasts. After a long, long wait, Amazon has posted a teaser trailer for the second season of Jack Ryan. The clip is unsurprisingly light on story, but does suggest the stakes (and stunts) are higher for Jack this time around. The CIA agent will have to grapple with IEDs, rooftop jumps and airborne insertions, not to mention political intrigue that complicates matters.

Unfortunately, there's no mention of a release date or even a vague availability window -- the new season is just "coming soon." It's clearly getting closer, though, and it's easy to understand why Amazon would dribble out a teaser. Jack Ryan is one of Prime Video's cornerstone productions, and was promising enough that Amazon renewed it for a second season months before its premiere. It's determined to build up hype early and ensure that the enthusiasm doesn't wane.

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