After Math: Things that shouldn't cost this much

The price of everything is too damn high.

Samsung unveiled the latest iterations its Galaxy Note line during which time the company showed off a plus-sized phone that costs more than a laptop -- specifically, the brand new Book S laptop debuting at the same dang press conference. That ain't right. And that ain't all. Take a look.


Blackmagic's new $2,495 pocket camera can shoot 6K videos

For when you need to justify spending $6,000 on an Apple Pro Display XDR and its stand.


Netflix signs a $200 million deal with 'Game of Thrones' showrunners

That's a lot of money for Netflix to spend and a significant talent loss for HBO. But on the bright side, this deal does mean that Confederate is officially cancelled.


Disney's streaming bundle: Disney+, ESPN+ and Hulu for $12.99

But what if, and hear me out, instead of paying low monthly charges for exactly the content you wanted, people instead bought large bundled packages of streaming services from market-dominating corporations just like we did during the cable era which this whole cord cutting scheme was supposed to solve in the first place?


Uber and Lyft admit they're making city traffic worse

13.4 percent of the traffic in my city is the result of just two apps. Glad to see we got all of the dystopia but none of the cyberpunk in this future.


Elizabeth Warren reveals $85 billion rural broadband plan

The eight people who live in South Dakota are going to be so excited when they receive word of this via carrier pigeon. Seriously though, this is an audacious plan that would empower communities to build and maintain their own broadband infrastructure rather than rely on price-gouging private ISPs. It's worth every penny.