You can share Pandora music and podcasts on Instagram, if you want

Friends without Pandora Premium will be able to access free sessions.

Pandora users will now be able to share their favorite stations and podcasts to Instagram. The streaming radio service announced a new integration with Instagram Stories that will allow users to reveal their listening habits on the platform. But the perk doesn't end at merely letting your friends know you're listening to the latest Lizzo album. If a friend taps the "Play on Pandora" button on your Instagram story, they'll get direct access to the content you shared as well as Pandora's entire music and podcasts library. In return, they'll have to watch a short ad.

The streaming service has experimented with offering non-paid subscribers access to its premium content --- on the house -- if they agree to watch an ad. This new integration will expose Pandora to people outside of its current user base. It already allows users to share music on Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, iMessage and Snapchat.

Currently, the 19-year old internet radio platform is facing a unique problem for streaming services; it's losing its non-paying users. The latest quarterly financial results for SiriusXM, which owns Pandora, revealed that while music platform gained paid users, enough people have dropped off of its free, ad-supported service to cause a decline in overall numbers.

Instagram has already gotten a lot more musical over the past year. The social media platform already has support for Soundcloud, Shazam and Spotify.

In order to share Pandora's content on Instagram, you can tap "Share" from the Now Playing screen on the app and then select "Instagram Stories" as the destination. That action will generate a cover art card, which you can decorate with stickers and text. You can also choose to send the card as a direct or group message, instead of to all of your followers. Pandora has unveiled the feature for a limited amount of its users and plans to roll it out completely in the weeks ahead.