Amazon launches a scaled-down Prime service in Brazil

It will give subscribers access to Amazon's Prime Video, music and other entertainment offerings, though.

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Mariella Moon
September 10, 2019 8:31 AM
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Kit L. via Getty Images
Kit L. via Getty Images

Brazilians can get unlimited two-day shipping and access to Amazon's original programming now that Prime is available in their country. Amazon has launched its Prime service in Brazil in an effort to get a piece of one of Latin America's biggest economies. According to Bloomberg, Prime for Brazil will start as a scaled-down version of its US counterpart, offering free shipping for around 500,000 products out of the 2 million items in its marketplace. The company will give residents in 90 cities access to two-day shipping, while shipping in other areas will take three days or more.

Amazon Brazil used to be an e-book-only business until the company started allowing third-party sellers to list their items in 2017. Earlier this year, it expanded the platform's catalog by selling products directly to consumers in select categories, so Prime's rollout in the country doesn't come as a huge surprise.

In addition to free shipping, subscribers in Brazil will get full access to Prime Video, as well as to Amazon's music, games, books and magazines. Membership in the country will set interested customers back 9.90 Brazilian Reais ($2.40) a month or 89 Brazilian Reais ($22) a year, which is a fraction of what it costs in the US.

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Amazon launches a scaled-down Prime service in Brazil