‘Fortnite’ is letting players vote on rotating store skins

Greasy Grove and Moisty Mire are also back (in part).
Matt Brian
M. Brian|09.11.19

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Epic Games
Epic Games

With all of the troubles surrounding B.R.U.T.Es and turbo building changes, Fortnite players have often felt like their voices aren't being heard. Epic Games has gone some way to reverse some of the issues by introducing updates that bring more balance to the game, but its latest update (v10.30) could do more to repair relations with the community by giving them more choice over what items come to its store.

As part of the multi-platform update, Epic has introduced a new feature called Community Choice. It gives players the "power to vote for what comes back to a new Item Shop slot." The company says it'll provide a choice of content -- namely skins -- that players can vote once a day for to return.

Because Epic offers Fortnite's battle royale mode as a free download, the company recoups its production costs via virtual items in its in-game store. Skins, emotes and weapon wraps form the bulk of the game's revenue, but some items only appear in the store for 24 hours before disappearing for an unknown amount of time. The idea seems to be that if you offer players a choice over what comes back to the game, they'll be more likely to buy it.

That isn't the only big change in today's update, though. In keeping with Season X's Rift Zone theme, Epic has brought back two of Fortnite's most beloved locations (at least in part): Moisty Mire and Greasy Grove. In Greasy Grove, gone is Durrr Burger, replaced with a Tacos store that somehow facilitates the dropping of spicy tacos from the sky.

They offer 10 health points when eaten and a 40 percent increase in speed, granting players rotational movement heavily lacking in Season X. While in the Greasy zone, gamers are also encouraged to dance, making them invulnerable to damage while they regenerate health at 20 points per second.

Moisty Mire isn't back completely, though. It's been merged with Paradise Palms to create Moisty Palms. Most of the desert town remains, but beloved POIs like the swamp and the prison have returned. Because things just can't be simple, the Moisty Rift Zone will also "disguise players as a random prop" when they crouch -- think lamps, plants or toilets. Players are encouraged to hide and ambush unsuspecting opponents.

Remember, when players had the opportunity to choose which guns came back to Fortnite, they chose the Drum Gun. So, putting power in the hands of the community isn't always beneficial. That said, if today's update covers mainly cosmetics, there'll be less for players to complain about.

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