North's smart glasses are now available across the US

A Focals Showroom app makes them available well beyond stores.

One of the greatest obstacles to buying North's smart glasses has simply been to find them. They've only been available at the company's Brooklyn and Toronto flagship stores as well as its pop-ups, which isn't much help to, well, most people. You might have a much easier time shopping from now on. North has released a Focals Showroom app that makes the eyewear available to people across the US and Canada. The app takes you through a depth scanning-based sizing experience that previously required an in-person visit. If you're happy with the design and make a purchase, you'll get your glasses (plus instructions for final tweaks) in several weeks.

There's one main problem: compatibility. The depth tech limits the app to iOS devices with TrueDepth cameras, starting with the iPhone X and newer. Sorry, Android users, you'll still have to visit a store for now. All the same, this is good news for anyone willing to take a bet on Focals. It's certainly good news for North, which needs to sell as many glasses as it can if it's going to overcome tough times and fulfill its long-term plans.