How do kids (and adults) like Nintendo’s Labo VR kit?

Does this virtual reality building kit hit big with the young’uns or is it just flash in the pan?

Nintendo's Labo VR kit is certainly a step up from the historic gaming company's earlier Labo kits. With five cardboard projects for kids to construct (including the headset itself), senior editor Kris Naudus found it to be a unique, endearing and playful experience, mostly because of its clear building instructions and fun mini games. However, while the VR headset displays decent 720p, it still lacks a killer app and the VR updates to existing games leave a lot to be desired.

Earning an overall satisfactory score of 79, the kit has potential if Nintendo continues to develop and expand features for it. However, while it didn't (really) disappoint our reviewer, we're curious as to how kids like it. If you bought a Labo VR kit for a child, how did they play with it? Alternatively, if you bought it for yourself, do you feel you got your money's worth? What was you or your child's favorite project from the kit? How do you feel about the VR kit compared to the other Labo offerings? Would you recommend it for the little ones? Tell us all the details, be they positive or negative, on our product page for the Labo VR kit! If you haven't tried the VR kit but do have the other kits, feel free to speak up about those on their product pages too! Your review is great buying advice for other readers (and could be featured in an upcoming user review roundup article!).

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