Fitness buffs: Tell us how you like your Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

Is the stripped-down activity watch just as good as the more expensive model?

In the search for a truly great fitness smartwatch, reviews editor Cherlynn Low tested the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active, the lower-cost version of last year's Galaxy Watch. At $200 the Galaxy Watch Active eschews the rotating bezel found on the higher-priced model. It's also 20 percent smaller and 60 percent lighter. This makes for a comfortable fit, but it means shorter battery life and more time spent swiping through Tizen to interact with notifications and apps. Overall, though, the Active scored a point higher than the standard Galaxy Watch, with a rating of decent 83.

If you purchased the Galaxy Watch Active, were you pleased with the trade-off between price and features? Did the shorter battery life still work for you? How did you feel about swiping through Tizen? And did you find enough third-party apps to use with i? Tell us in a user review on our Galaxy Watch Active product page how well this gadget tracked your workouts, how it felt to wear, and where it fell short. Your advice could help your fellow readers with their buying decisions -- and get featured in an upcoming user review roundup!

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