Surface Earbuds are Microsoft's voice-focused true wireless option

They're designed for productivity, and include Office 365 and Spotify integration.

As was rumored earlier this year, Microsoft has been working on smart earbuds -- it unveiled the Surface Earbuds Wednesday. They're touch and voice-enabled with omnisonic sound, and boast a pair of mics in each bud. They come with a charging case and boast a battery life of up to 24 hours. The Surface Earbuds will start at $249, and they'll ship during the holiday season.

There's Spotify integration on Android. A triple tap will start playing music instantly, and you can swipe and tap to control playback. What's more, the true wireless earbuds are designed with Office 365 in mind, including Outlook calendar and email access with your voice. If you wear them while giving a presentation, Microsoft will be able to display captions of what you're saying in real-time on the screen, and even translate your speech into one of more than 60 languages. You can also tap to advance a PowerPoint slide.

You should be able to pair them with your devices pretty quickly through one-click pairing. Meanwhile, the earbuds are designed for "all-day comfort and stability." They look pretty bulky though, so they're perhaps not quite as stylish as some other options on the market.

The earbuds follow the Surface Headphones that Microsoft debuted last year. Apple, of course, has AirPods and Powerbeats Pro, while Amazon just launched its own Alexa-powered, noise-canceling Echo Buds. So it makes sense that Microsoft wants to have its own spin on smart earbuds to help it maintain pace with its rivals.

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