Walmart intros low-cost versions of Roku's smart soundbar and subwoofer (updated)

The Onn models are more accessible at $129.

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Were you tempted by Roku's Smart Soundbar and Wireless Subwoofer only to be put off by the $180 price tag? Walmart has your back, provided you're willing to make some compromises. It's releasing Onn-branded versions of both devices that start at an easier-to-swallow $129. They don't appear to have Roku's voice control remote (just a basic model), but you're not otherwise giving up too much. They'll arrive at Walmart stores sometime in the "coming weeks."

The soundbar is effectively a Roku Ultra built into a 32-inch audio system. In other words, it's a one-stop shop if you want both a 4K HDR-capable streaming device and a compact TV speaker upgrade. The Wireless Subwoofer, meanwhile, augments the soundbar with 250W 150W of extra oomph for your blockbuster movies. Neither is going to make you regret buying high-end speakers for the living room, but $258 for the combo might be an easy choice if you're setting up a simple home theater.

Update 10/7 9:55AM ET: Now that the news is official, Walmart and Roku have clarified one conspicuous downgrade: the subwoofer's power. The Onn version puts out 150W instead of the usual 250W. That's still a significant amount of kick, but you're definitely getting less with that $50 price drop.

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