Windows 10 preview brings Android phone calls to your PC

You don't need a Samsung phone, either.

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Windows 10's Your Phone calling support is finally here, provided you're willing to live life on the edge. Microsoft has released a Windows 10 Insider Preview for Fast ring testers that adds the ability to take and start calls from your PC. You'll need a handset running at least Android 7.0 Nougat or later (it doesn't have to be from Samsung), the Your Phone Android app as well as a PC with Bluetooth support, but after that it's simple. You can initiate a call through your contacts or an in-app dialer. If you'd rather not accept an incoming call, you can respond with a text or send the caller straight to voicemail.

You'll have to be ready for potential glitches when this is pre-release software. Microsoft has warned that older versions of some anti-cheat game software can produce crashes on this Windows build, for example. Don't try this if you absolutely depend on a reliable PC. If that's no obstacle, though, you no longer need third-party tools (or an all-Apple setup) to juggle phone calls while you work.

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