Pixel 4 pre-orders at Amazon include a free $100 gift card

You could buy the accessories you need with that card.

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Nathan Ingraham/Engadget
Nathan Ingraham/Engadget

If you wanted to pre-order one of Google's Pixel 4 phones and haven't already, you might be in for a treat. Amazon is offering a $100 gift card to anyone who buys the Pixel 4 (starting at $799) or Pixel 4 XL (starting at $899) ahead of launch. You're not saving money on the Android flagship phone itself, but this could get you the case, wireless charger or other accessories you want for free -- the hidden costs of a new phone might go away. Google also offers $100 when you pre-order from its store, but this might be better if you'd rather have a wider range of accessories or want to buy something else entirely.

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