Major credit card companies launch a one-click checkout button

To start, it’s only available on three sites.

If you're shopping on Cinemark, Movember or Rakuten any time soon, you might see a new click-to-pay button at checkout. American Express, Discover, Mastercard and Visa have teamed up to create the new option for fast, secure online purchases. Their vision is to have one standard checkout button across all online retail websites, similar to the PayPal experience.

American Express

To start, the new button is available on the Cinemark, Movember and Rakuten websites, but you'll find it on BassPro, JoAnn Fabric, Papa John's, Saks Fifth Avenue, and by the end of the year. It should become more ubiquitous in 2020.

The credit card companies hope to create a consistent, simple user experience (with strong payment info protections) for all sites and cards. Users won't have to create or log in to an account to make a purchase. And they won't have to enter their card info into every new site.

This summer, we learned that Visa Checkout is shutting down in 2020. That wasn't entirely surprising, and given that Visa is part of the team launching this new payment button, it makes a lot of sense.