Google's voice recorder app is heading to older Pixel phones

Recorder debuted on Pixel 4 and can capture and transcribe audio simultaneously.

One of the niftiest features Google revealed for Pixel 4 at the device's launch event last month was a Recorder app, which captures and transcribes audio simultaneously. Owners of older Pixel devices won't necessarily miss out, however, as Google revealed in a Reddit thread it plans to bring Recorder to other phones.

Google has often added features it debuts on its latest flagship handsets to its older devices and even its iOS apps, so the news it'd make Recorder more broadly available was somewhat expected from the jump. The app is useful for people who hate taking notes or need to quote speech accurately (such as your friendly neighborhood journalists).

It's not clear when Google will roll out the update that brings the app to other Pixels, nor which models it'll actually support. You can sideload Recorder onto many Android devices anyway, but an official update that brings it to older Pixels will surely encourage more people to try it.