Razer's latest wireless mice promise low-lag gaming from $60

The Basilisk series might be good enough to ditch the cord.

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Razer is expanding its Basilisk mouse family with a pair of models that aim to make low-latency wireless mice both more accessible and more powerful. The most interesting model may be the affordable option, the six-button Basilisk X HyperSpeed (above). It packs a 16,000DPI sensor, Bluetooth support and its namesake low-lag HyperSpeed wireless (when you use a 2.4GHz USB dongle) for a reasonable $60. You may save money on batteries, too, as one AA cell will deliver about 12 days of use on 2.4GHz, or 19 days on Bluetooth.

The Basilisk Ultimate (below), meanwhile, is the spare-no-expense option. It touts the same 20,000DPI sensor as the Viper Ultimate, 11 buttons and optical mouse switches to reduce both delays and the risk of corrosive effects. You also get up to five on-device memory profiles, optional wired use and the seemingly obligatory abundance of Chroma RGB lighting. It doesn't last as long at 100 hours using the 4GHz dongle (no Bluetooth here), but that's not shocking given the performance. You can buy the Ultimate for $150 by itself, or $170 with a Mouse Dock that simplifies recharging.

Both mice are available now, and you can buy the Mouse Dock separately for $50 if you need it later.

Razer Basilisk Ultimate gaming mouse

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