Snapchat's latest Portal Lens takes you to a Gucci-filled beach

There are Holiday-themed elements on the virtual beach, too.

Snapchat's partnerships with all kinds of companies and brands provide you with a variety of Lenses to choose from, like artsy-filmlike filters and AR objects for sporting event tie-ins. Now, its latest team-up with Gucci will give you access to a Portal Lens -- Lenses that transport you to a 3D world, where you can interact with the objects -- that takes you to a beach filled with the luxury brand's signature handbags and accessories.

The augmented reality Portal Lens opens a psychedelic gateway to the virtual destination. A Gucci spokesperson says the Lens goes with the brand's Gift Giving campaign, which was photographed and directed by Harmony Korine and which was launched a few days ago. Like the campaign's name implies, the Lens features a lot of holiday-themed AR elements, including a huge Christmas tree with gifts smack dab in the middle of the beach, palm trees raining candy canes and a snowman made of sand.

You can access the Gucci lens anywhere you are in the world by looking for it in the Lens Carousel or through its Snapcode below.