Mach-E leak reveals a lot about Ford's electric Mustang SUV

The top-of-the-line Mach-E GT has AWD and mid-3 second 0-60 times for $60k.

We're still a few days away from the official unveiling of Ford's 'Mustang-inspired' all-electric Mach-E crossover, but you don't have to wait for more information. A poster on apparently figured out a working URL for the automaker's hidden website complete with pictures, specs and model info for the vehicle.

While our friends at Autoblog have posted up a number of pictures showing camouflaged prototypes during test runs, these shots clearly show the two-door crossover in red, which is one of three exterior color options available for its "limited edition" model. While its Mustang inspiration seems mostly limited to the headlights and taillights, it's at least fairly sleek, and imbued with the kind of performance angle Ford is clearly pursuing.

According to the site, the Mach-E is scheduled to debut in late 2020, but you may have to wait until 2021 for the GT version. A base Select model starts at about $43k, before jumping to Premium, then California Route 1, then the $59,900 limited First Edition, and finally the top of the line GT model that costs about $60k.

For that you get up to an EPA-estimated 300 miles of range with an extended battery, while the GT model drops down to 235 miles with its performance tweaks and 20-inch rims. The base select model makes do with RWD and an estimated 230 mile range. The fastest versions are expected to lay down a "mid 3-second" 0-60 MPH time, while the battery is capable of adding 47 miles of charge in about 10 minutes. If you want more details, then tune into the livestreamed unveiling on Sunday night at 9:30 PM ET.