Steam is holding a sale to celebrate the launch of Remote Play Together

The feature allows you and a group of friends to play local multiplayer games over the internet.

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Valve Software
Valve Software

After a brisk, one-month beta, Valve's new Remote Play Together feature is now available to all Steam users. As the name suggests, it allows you and up to three other friends to play split-screen games with one another over the internet. It emulates the experience of playing a game on the couch with a group of buddies by capturing your friends' inputs and then streaming it back to your device. Once you're in-game, you can talk to your friends over voice chat.

What's more, only the host needs a copy of the game, with the three other people joining in on the action through Steam Remote Play. You can take advantage of Remote Play Together whether you're on PC, macOS, Linux or iOS and Android -- just make sure to download the Steam Link mobile app.

Remote Play Together Stream

To celebrate the launch, Valve is holding -- wait for it -- a Steam sale that includes games that can take advantage of the new functionality. The list of discounted titles isn't live yet, but we'll update this post with some of the more notable highlights once the sale is underway. Additionally, the company will stream a showcase of the feature that will include streamers from around the world. Some of the more notable personalities taking part in the stream include Dota 2 casters Purge and Sheever.

Update 4:14PM ET: The sale is now live, with Valve offering discounts on more than 100 titles. Some of the highlights we saw include Guacamelee! 2 for $4, Overcooked for $4.24 and Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime for $6.

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