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‘Red Dead Online’ players can soon set up a bootlegging business

Rockstar Games is adding a moonshiner role on December 13th.

Red Dead Online players can test their luck as moonshiners beginning Friday, December 13th. Rockstar Games is adding a new moonshiner role (aka Frontier Pursuit), which will let you set up a bootlegging business.

In the new role, you'll perfect your distillation methods, avoid the law and put rivals out of business. If you're good enough, you might get to partner with the notorious Maggie Fike, purchase a Moonshining Shack and set up a speakeasy serving your shine. There will be some new wardrobe options and a new Navy Revolver.

This is the latest role Frontier Pursuit added to Red Dead Online. In September, Rockstar Games added hunter, trader and collector roles. Red Dead Online arrived one year ago, and both the game and subsequent updates have been well received.