'Luigi's Mansion 3' is getting multiplayer DLC in 2020

They'll roll out in two parts.

Nintendo has announced two DLCs for Luigi's Mansion 3, and they can both make playing with friends more fun. The first add-on will come out on April 30th, 2020, while the second one will roll out on July 31st -- you'll have to buy them as a bundle for $10 from the eShop, though, because they won't be sold separately.

The first pack will add three new mini-games for the multiplayer ScreamPark mode. It also comes with three new outfits for Mario's taller brother along with matching floor themes, as well as themed ghosts for the co-op ScareScraper mode. You'll also find an item called the Flashlight Type-P, an in-game Polterpup light that players can use in both modes, with the bundle.

Once you're done with the mini games from the first pack, you can look forward to three more ScreamPark mini-games shipping with the second pack. You're also getting three more ScareScraper outfits with matching floor themes and themed ghosts.