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Audio-Technica unveils its best noise-canceling headphones yet

I can't hear you, sorry.

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Audio-Technica has unveiled a huge range of new products at this year's CES, chief among them some new addition to its QuietPoint wireless noise-canceling headphones range. The line up features over-ear and in-ear models, and is, according to the company, its most effective yet in blocking out ambient noise.

Leading the charge are the ATH-ANC900BT over-ear headphones ($300/£235). These use Audio-Technica's new digital hybrid noise cancelation technology, which involves multiple microphones and noise-isolation techniques that eliminate a wider range of sounds from a broader frequency range. They come with a touch and swipe control system, and a switchable quick hear-through feature, so you can choose total noise cancelation or opt to hear environmental sounds (for safer use if you're using them outdoors) at the touch of a button. They are, of course, Bluetooth 5.0-compatible, and will last for up to 35 hours on a single charge.

Next up is the over-ear ATH-ANC500BT. The specs here aren't quite as impressive -- outside noises aren't eliminated as completely, and battery life hovers around 20 hours -- but at $100/£78 they represent pretty exceptional value. The model comes with advanced ANC circuitry to offset ambient sound, and all of its controls and mic are built directly into the earcup for easy use. Like its big brother, this model also folds flat, so it's handy for traveling.

Finally, the ATH-ANC100BT ($100/£78) is a wireless, in-ear model. With 12mm drivers instead of the 40mm seen in the over-ear models, these headphones don't pack as much of a punch but they're still surprisingly powerful, and with 10 hours of continuous Bluetooth and noise-canceling use on a single charge, they'll comfortably see you through a day's work. They come with standard XS, S, M and L eartips, so you'll be sure to get a good fit with them, too. All three models will be available in Spring this year.

Elsewhere at CES, Audio-Technica is showing off its recently-launched true wireless earbuds and ATH-M50xBT, plus a new range of premium audiophile headphones: the over-ear ATH-AP2000Ti, the new flagship in-ear ATH-CK2000Ti and the in-ear ATH-CM2000Ti. All are Hi-Res Audio compatible, and all use driver diaphragms with a DLC coating and a Permendur magnetic circuit, which essentially means they offer eye-wateringly clear sound and accuracy -- which you'd hope for, given the premium ATH-AP2000Ti's price tag of $1,250/£980.

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