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Facebook is reportedly working on cross-platform business messaging

Instagram DMs could slide into the Facebook Pages Manager app.
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Facebook is reportedly working on pulling Instagram direct messages into businesses' Facebook page inboxes. That would allow businesses to handle messages from both platforms in the Pages Manager app on mobile and the web, according to Axios. For now, the only private conversations page managers can address within the app are from Messenger.

The deeper integration of the services' messaging features has seemed inevitable since Facebook started allowing businesses to respond to Instagram comments from Pages Manager in 2016. Instagram said last May that more than 150 million people speak with a business through its DMs every month.

The move should make customer communication somewhat easier for businesses to handle, which likely benefits Facebook as the business messaging market continues to grow and rivals including Apple seek to gain a foothold. Meanwhile, though Facebook has discussed ways to make money from messages, it doesn't currently have plans to monetize Messenger and Instagram DMs, Axios reports.

A report last month suggested that Facebook is working to unify messages across Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp. With that in mind, perhaps Facebook will eventually add WhatsApp messages to Pages Manager too.

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