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Recommended Reading: Arrivo's unfulfilled promise to end traffic

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Billy Steele
03.03.19 in Internet

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How Arrivo got Colorado to back a wild-eyed highway scheme
Aaron Gordon,

Futuristic transportation company Arrivo, cofounded by Brogan BamBrogan and Andrew Liu, sold Colorado Department of Transportation on a plan to build a system that would move pods and cars on sleds at hundreds of miles an hour along the medians of the state's highways. The company said it could do so without Hyperloop-esque vacuum tubes. It never happened. In fact, the project never really started. No feasibility study. No proof of concept. And then Arrivo shutdown at the end of 2018 due to a lack of funding with a lot of unanswered questions.

Why Spotify and the global music business are banking their future on India
Tim Ingham,
Rolling Stone

Spotify's expansion into India this week was a big deal, not only for the streaming service itself, but for the music industry as a whole.

We have to fix fashion if we want to survive the climate crisis
Elizabeth Segran,
Fast Company

Waste is a major problem for the fashion industry. It's also a major problem for the climate.

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