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Netflix's latest interactive series for kids is 'Battle Kitty'

Help fight monsters with your remote.

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Netflix's growing catalog of interactive shows now includes another aimed at the younger crowd. The service has unveiled Battle Kitty, an animated series where kids help its namesake warrior fight monsters on an island and become a champion. Its origins are as unusual as the format, too. It's based on Instagram posts from animator Matt Layzell (known for work on titles like Sanjay and Craig and Pinky Malinky), who'll be a showrunner for the first time.

There's no mention of a release schedule for the show.

The streaming giant has been branching out into other genres with its interactive material, most notably Bandersnatch, but it's not shocking that the company would return to kids' programming. Children might be more likely to embrace the technology (it's not that far removed from a game, after all), and it's potentially easier to create branching storylines when you don't need the nuances of a storyline aimed at adults. This could be a viable way for Netflix to experiment with interactivity before it's ready for a deeper commitment.

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