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Image credit: Ezra Shaw via Getty Images

Kevin Durant is investing in high-end audio company Master & Dynamic

The star of several Beats campaigns is switching to M&D.

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Ezra Shaw via Getty Images

Master & Dynamic just got a big step up thanks to NBA star Kevin Durant and his company, Thirty Five Ventures. The investment business, which has backed the likes of Postmates and Coinbase, will become an equity partner in the New York City-based audio brand, and work with them to create and build products with a focus on sports and music. In June, for example, the partnership will launch a special edition "Studio 35" colorway of the newly released MW65 noise-cancelling headphones, with other projects in the pipeline. Durant is well-known for his Beats by Dre endorsement, so he's clearly a man who loves his music.

This will also add fuel to those reports that Durant is headed to the Knicks.

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