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Lyft's low-cost Shared Saver rides come to six more US cities

Las Vegas, San Francisco and Atlanta are are among those saving cash.

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Lyft's frugal Shared Saver option is now available to many more people. The ridesharing service ahs trotted out its most affordable option to six more large US cities, including Atlanta, Las Vegas, Miami, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Seattle. The principle remains the same: if you're comfortable with both sharing a ride and walking short distances, you can save a bit of cash versus demanding exact pick-ups and drop-offs.

The choice was previously available only in Denver, New York City and San Jose.

As before, there's a few motivations behind Shared Saver's existence. Lower costs could entice more people to use Lyft, of course, but this also encourages greater use the company's bikes and scooters. There's also the simple matter of flexibility. This lets you see more of the city (and get in some very light exercise) without having to walk long distances.

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