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iOS 13 makes it easier to browse, view and edit photos and videos

You can apply filters and effects to videos without a third-party app.

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Aside from the introduction of that system-wide dark mode in iOS 13, Apple is also making it easier to browse, view and edit your photos and videos. At WWDC 2019, the company showed off a new version of its Photos app that's designed to "remove duplicates and clutter and focus on your best shots." Powered by machine learning, this feature will put your best shots front and center, and you can narrow them down by selecting the new Days, Months and Years tabs. With Days, for instance, the pictures or videos that system thinks you'll like the most will get more real estate on your screen. And you can pinch-to-zoom to view all of your pictures in one go, as well.

On the video front, Apple revealed a new set of editing tools, which will let you tweak your videos without having to use a third-party application. That includes giving you the ability to rotate videos, which has been long overdue, plus letting you apply filters and effects -- just as you would any photo. Speaking of which, iOS 13 will come with a fresh user interface for editing pictures, which will allow you to tap and drag to adjust brilliance, highlights, white balance, vignette and more on the fly.

And, for those of you who often use Portrait mode on the iPhone, you'll see a new lighting feature that's designed to mimic a professional studio. Among other things, it can simulate moving lights further away or closer to subjects, which can give your shots a different look depending on the style of photography you're looking to achieve.


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