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'Pokémon Masters' is pitting old trainers against each other this summer

It features real-time 3-vs-3 battles.

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Pokémon Masters is landing on iOS and Android sometime this summer, The Pokémon Company's chief Tsunekazu Ishihara has announced. Ishihara and the game's developers have also showed a new anime-style trailer and revealed more details for the mobile game, which was first announced at an event in Tokyo along with Pokémon Sleep and Home. Apparently, the game is set on an artificial island called Pasio, where you'll have to team up with and fight against familiar faces: trainers throughout the series, like Brock and Misty.

Each trainer travels with one companion Pokémon, and together, they're known as sync pairs. You need to go on a journey with the trainers you team up with and earn badges to qualify for the Pokémon Masters League. When you do fight, you'll find yourself in 3-vs-3 real-time battles. The Pokémon Company is working with DeNA, the mobile developer behind Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes, for this particular project. They're bound to reveal a more specific date in the near future, barring any delays to the game's rollout.

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