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Capcom's 'Teppen' card game pits Chun-Li against Dante

It's a mobile game with in-app purchases, of course.

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Capcom/GungHo Online Entertainment

Capcom clearly couldn't resist the temptation to hop on the card game bandwagon. The gaming giant has teamed up with GungHo to release Teppen (no, not Tekken), a card battler for Android and iOS that revolves around better-known characters from Street Fighter, Devil May Cry, Darkstalkers and other classics. If you've ever wanted to see Chun-Li fight Dante or Morrigan take on Mega Man, you can make it happen.

There is a slight twist to the familiar formula of these games. Teppen uses an Active Response system that adds a dash of real-time thrills to the usual turn-based gameplay -- you might not have long to think about your next move.

The game is technically free to play. Like so many of its competitors, though, you're going to see a flood of in-app purchases. Season passes will provide "various extras," and there's plenty more beyond that. Google Play lists goodies over $100, so you can easily spend a small fortune trying to gain an edge over rivals. More characters are coming over time, though, and this might do the trick if Hearthstone and other (mostly fantasy-based) games just don't scratch your itch.

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