OhMiBod's Nex 3 is a smart vibrating couples ring

Unlike its predecessors, the blueMotion Nex 3 is designed to be worn.

Perennial CES attendee OhMiBod is launching a Bluetooth-connected couples ring that promises a more enjoyable time with your partner. Unlike the previous Nex devices, the blueMotion Nex 3 is designed to be worn as an actual ring, increasing pleasure during couple's play. It does, however, share at least one signature feature with its predecessors: the ability to vibrate in tune with the music that you're playing on your smartphone.

This is also the first Nex device to be coated in Velvet Wave, the company's name for the new cushioned, ridged silicone on the outside of the body. It'll last somewhere between one and a half to two hours on a charge, according to the company. The blueMotion Nex 3 will be available sometime in March, priced at $109.