Chipolo’s $25 Bluetooth tracker doubles as a selfie trigger

Unlike Tile trackers, there's no subscription required here.

At CES this week, Chipolo is announcing its latest Bluetooth tracker, which will replace both the Chipolo Classic and Chipolo Plus in its lineup. The One wireless tracker is a coin-shaped device that's designed to clip onto whatever items you need to keep hold of, and make sure you always know where they are. Should you lose them, you can get the tracker to play a sound, like the musical keyfinders of old, but cooler.

The big selling point here is that Chipolo offers for free what the competition (ahem, Tile) charges a premium subscription for. That includes out-of-range alerts and the ability to let multiple users track a single item for things that whole families share.

Chipolo claims the battery can last an impressive two years, and says the cells are replaceable. When you need to find a missing key, the hardware will play a 120dB sound, making it easier to find in big rooms, or noisy environments.

You also get integration with Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri, as well as community search should your items go missing. Finally, if you double-click the Chipolo, it'll act as a remote trigger for your iOS or Android phone's camera, making it great for group pictures.

The Chipolo One is available today for $25 -- that's $5 more than the equivalent Tile Mate, but cheaper in the longer-term since you're not paying subscription fees. Also today, existing Chipolo Card users will receive out-of-range alerts added to their system, for free.