Sony Pictures signs on for 'Crossfire' movie based on the popular FPS

The PC game claims over 650 million players worldwide.

While the Crossfire name won't register as one of the most popular shooters for some US gamers -- no, it's not related to the board game with the tiny metal balls -- the free-to-play tactical first person shooter is extremely popular in China and South Korea. In operation for over ten years, it claims a player base of over 650 million plus lifetime revenue of over $10 billion, and producer Neal Moritz (Fast & Furious series, S.W.A.T., Preacher, The Boys) has been developing a film adaptation since 2015. Now Variety has announced that Sony Pictures will partner on the flick with Korean game developer Smilegate and China's Tencent Pictures.

Another reason to get familiar with the franchise -- other than increasing crossover of crossplatform online shooters between the US and China -- is that it's coming to consoles this year. Last year at E3 Microsoft revealed that CrossfireX will debut "first" on Xbox in 2020, and Remedy Entertainment (Control, Max Payne) is working on a single player campaign for the game.

In most modes, Crossfire pits two 8-member teams against each other in familiar variants like team deathmatch or search and destroy. According to Smilegate, there will be exclusive content for Xbox Game Pass members in the console version, and a battle royale mode to go along with single player and competitive.

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