The latest 'Fortnite' emote lets you Rickroll your foes

Epic even trolled potential buyers.

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Rick Astley/Twitter, Epic Games
Rick Astley/Twitter, Epic Games

It's not uncommon to troll your Fortnite enemies with a victory dance, but the latest one might be particularly insidious. Epic Games has added a purchasable "Never Gonna" emote to the battle royale brawler that, as the name implies, Rickrolls your opponents -- complete with the real Rick Astley song (and, clearly, Astley's permission). The developers has even pranked some potential buyers with a promo page touting a "new OP outfit" before taking them to the emote, guaranteeing that they'll be Rickrolled before spending 500 V-Bucks to share the surprise with others.

Astley has told gamers to get the emote "while you can," so you might not want to count on it lasting forever.

It's easy to see the emote losing its novelty quickly. It's one thing to get a "Never Gonna Give You Up" blast every now and then, it's another to hear it every time someone takes you down in a firefight. Still, it shows how Epic's attitude toward recognizable emotes is changing. Where celebrities previously accused Epic of ripping off famous dances without so much as a "thank you," the company has just released an officially sanctioned dance. Don't be surprised if there are more team-ups like this in the future.

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