Uber helps you report problematic drivers during your ride

A new feature lets you report non-emergency concerns before your trip is over.

Uber is introducing a new On-Trip Reporting feature that will let users report non-emergency safety issues in real time, instead of waiting until after the trip has ended. Uber hopes this will be more convenient, as users are often distracted after the trip, and many don't want to spend time filing a report when they are, say, meeting friends or heading to an event.

To report an issue, riders will tap the blue shield icon to open the Safety Toolkit. They'll see a "report safety incident" option and be able to type a complaint. Uber's safety team will contact them after the trip.

Uber doesn't have the best safety track record. Its first safety review, published late last year, includes thousands of sexual assaults and 19 fatal physical assaults.

The company has made attempts to improve safety with features like an in-app safety button, PIN verification for rides and RideCheck notifications that ask users if everything is OK when a ride has been stopped for a while. Uber has also said it will share the names of deactivated drivers with other platforms, partner with RAINN to improve sexual misconduct education training for drivers and create a Survivor Support hotline. It's also testing an audio recording safety feature in Brazil and Mexico.

Uber will share its safety reviews every two years. Until then, it's hard to say how effective any of these measures will be.