'Harley Quinn' season 2 gets a quick April 3rd debut

Whether or not DC Universe keeps the exclusive is another story.

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DC Universe
DC Universe

There's normally a lengthy wait between seasons of streaming TV shows, but don't tell that to DC Universe. The comics-oriented service is premiering the second season of its Harley Quinn animated series on April 3rd -- just four months after the show's first season arrived. There aren't many clues as to what's coming next, but the announcement clip (below) serves as a reminder that there are a lot of people who are less than fond of Harley.

It's not surprising that DC Universe would have a new season ready. The service doesn't have a huge catalog of original shows, and the biggest highlights are follow-up seasons to the earliest programs.

The question is whether or not Harley Quinn will stay a DCU exclusive in the US. The service's owner, WarnerMedia, is putting Doom Patrol on HBO Max in what could be a test to see if viewership surges. If so, other shows like Harley could be prime candidates for making the leap. That, in turn, could reduce the incentives to subscribe to DCU -- good if you're already bent on subscribing to HBO Max, but not if you like the idea of a DC-specific service that includes comic books and other non-video perks.

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