Is the Roku Ultra your favorite streaming device?

If you added one to your home theater in the past few months, we'd love to hear from you.

Even as TVs and game consoles and cable boxes pack in more and more features, the best way to access all your favorite streaming content continues to be a Roku. These streaming sticks and boxes include the most popular apps, and it's super cheap to add one to an existing home theater setup. (The most expensive unit is the $100 Roku Ultra.) In fact, with the constant sales Amazon seems to be having, we wouldn't be surprised if you picked one up over the holidays.

So, if you happened to snag a Roku Ultra on Black Friday when it was only $48 -- or any other time -- we'd love to hear what you think. Did you gift one to a friend or family member in December, or were you a lucky recipient? How quickly was it set up? Do its quad-core processor and enhanced wireless connectivity run smoothly, offering up good audio and video? What are your favorite apps? Did you pick one up because it had apps that other devices don't have, like Disney+ and CBS All Access? And did you watch the Super Bowl on it?

Whatever your entertainment preferences are, we want to know how you feel about your Roku Ultra by reading your user review on our product page. Your comments may be featured in an upcoming user review roundup here on the site, as well as helping fellow Engadget readers make a buying decision next time a sale rolls around.

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