'Death Stranding' comes to PC on June 2nd

Complete with "content" from Half-Life.

Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima's latest videogame turn movie opus, will arrive on Steam and the Epic Games Store on June 2nd. According to Kojima Productions and 505 Games, the PC version will feature a new photo mode, as well as support for ultrawide monitors and high frames rates. Most intriguingly of all, however, it will include "content" from Valve's seminal first-person shooter, Half-Life.

We don't know the exact form that content will take shape, but at the very least, protagonist Sam Bridges will be able to accessorize his uniform with a stylish head crab. Perhaps we'll also see some tie-in to the upcoming Half-Life: Alyx? The possibilities for cross-franchise Easter eggs are limitless when Kojima is involved.

While we knew the PC release of Death Stranding would come out sometime this summer, the short amount of time the game has spent as a PlayStation 4 exclusive still comes as a surprise. After all, it was only this past November that the game was Sony's big fall release.