Dell’s cheap Philips Hue starter pack deal is even better with $50 credit

$120 gets you three bulbs, a bridge and a dimmer.

Philips Hue has become the go-to for smart home lighting. The LED light bulbs can transition between 16 million colors to compliment your home, set the mood or enhance your sleep. Those who haven't turned their home into a technicolor dreamland may want to check out Dell's latest deal on a Hue starter kit. It comes with three white- and color-capable bulbs, the Gen 3 Hue Bridge and a dimmer (which doesn't come with most bundles). The kit is $120 -- $35 less than Amazon's listing -- and comes with a $50 gift card so you can stock up on more Hue accessories like bulbs, light strips and motion sensors -- or Dell's computer products. If purchased separately, the items would cost $235, so this is a great deal even before Dell's discount and gift card.

The IoT lights and accessories have great reviews from users and reviewers. Users can schedule different colors tones and color temperatures throughout the day, and can change settings either from an app or voice controls. Philips frequently adds features to the Hue devices -- last year, the bulbs gained Bluetooth connectivity, meaning users don't need the Hue Bridge to set up or control the lights. The company also expands its product lineup from time to time -- Philips recently announced garden lights that are designed illuminate lawns and walkways. Those will be available later this month.

For users who want to automate their homes -- or just want some funky lighting -- this kit is one of the best deals out there. Just keep in mind that the bundles don't ship until the middle of next week.