Minecraft Festival is postponed due to coronavirus fears

The streaming event, Minecraft Live, will go on as planned, though.

Minecraft is such a cultural phenomenon that it was supposed to have its own three-day convention in September with interactive exhibits, co-op and competitive gameplay, live entertainment, panels and merch. Tickets to the first-ever Minecraft Festival in Orlando were set to go on sale this week. ReedPop -- which also organizes New York Comic Con and San Diego Comic Con -- has announced that the convention has been postponed by a full year due to the coronavirus outbreak. While the event was months away and the epidemic could be resolved by then, the partners, producers and exhibitors have hit a wall when it comes to planning the fest and ensuring a fun experience.

Fans won't have to miss out on Minecraft Live, though. The streaming event will go on as planned, and will showcase the latest Minecraft news, features and behind-the-scenes looks at upcoming developments.

With so many conventions and events being cancelled or postponed due to coronavirus concerns, this news isn't exactly a surprise. However, it seems odd that ReedPop and Mojang -- Minecraft's developer -- announced the convention just a week ago, when the COVID-19 virus was already at top of mind. To their credit, though, it was a good call to cancel the event before tickets went on sale and people booked travel arrangements -- many headaches were likely saved by acting preemptively.