Google and Adidas prep smart insoles that tie into 'FIFA Mobile'

Your real life footwork could improve a virtual soccer team.

·1 min read

Your swift-footedness in real life could soon translate to the games you play. The combination of an official teaser and a Footy Headlines leak has offered a peek at Adidas GMR insoles that use a Google Jacquard tracking tag to not only measure your kicks and ball control, but translate that performance to FIFA Mobile. Your skills, including in real-life challenges, promise to improve the Ultimate Team in your game.

It's not certain how much the insoles will cost, but Adidas and Google have teased an announcement on March 10th. You can safely presume that both sides have high hopes for the insole. This will both help Adidas push its footwear to would-be Messis, while Google could make Jacquard more accessible to people who aren't concerned about smart jackets and backpacks. It could also be considered a joint health effort -- in theory, this makes sure that your FIFA Mobile game obsession translates to healthy behavior when you put your phone down.