After Math: Anything worth doing is worth overdoing

Go ahead kid, aim for the stars. Or slightly lower if that's how things shake out.

2020 is shaping up to be the year without conventions. Google I/O, Facebook F8, GDC, OMG, and MWC have already been called off, with exhibitors jumping ship from SXSW by the handful and Computex and E3 likely next on the chopping block. But these are not days for half measures, as this week's headlines illustrate.


Explore Mars with a 1.8-billion-pixel panorama from the Curiosity rover

Did the Curiosity rover need to dutifully snap 1,200 images of the rugged Martian landscape? Not any more than the effort it took NASA engineers to stitch those individual shots into a mammoth 1.8-billion pixel panorama. But they did it anyway because science is awesome and it's not like Curiosity has much else to do out there.


Ex-Waymo engineer Levandowski ordered to pay Google $179 million

Anthony Levandowski out there having a rough one this past week. Google didn't just ruin him in court, no, this was more a financial curb stomping. They straight up bankrupted the man.


TCL's concept device folds twice to fit a 10-inch screen in your pocket

You've gotta hand it to TCL for seeing how poorly the Galaxy Fold and Razr flip phones were received and still have the chutzpah to go, "hold my beer, we're adding a second point of failure!"


Tesla reportedly omitted 'hundreds' of injuries from government reports

Tesla's working conditions are once again making headlines. Last week Bloomberg reported that the company had failed to disclose hundreds of worker injuries over the past few years to government regulators, though it cannot verify the information it received. Tesla, unsurprisingly, denies the allegations.


Japan's life-size 18m Gundam statue can move (a little)

Gundam? More like Gun-damn Daniel!